What makes a Colt car?

The Colt Cleartec is the new model in a series of Mitsubishi cars that have been both quality and low in cost for all since 1962.
Massive tombstone gas-guzzling cars are fine and dandy should you be the emporer of some obscure wealthy nation and can afford to tarmac an area the size of Blackburn for your own turning circle. However for many years the average household living in a buzzing city has been saving cash whilst getting the highest quality possible by driving the latest style of Colt.

As Mitsubishi’s very first post-war passenger car, the Colt 600 made history when it rolled off the production lines in Okazaki, Japan in 1962. It wasn’t long until the successful compact car arrived in Europe, with the Colt 1200 and Colt 1400 delighting drivers in the early 1980s. Before long everybody was queuing to get the opportunity to go on a Colt test drive.

From the mid eighties the world became members of the cult of the Colt, with both 3-door and 5-door versions developed, and a top engine capacity of 1800cc. The designs sold steadily in Europe, but they were especially popular in Denmark, where they were among the country’s top selling cars.

Several models of Colt have gone under different names around the globe, including the Dodge, Plymouth and the perfectly crazy Mirage Panther and Mirage Cyborg. Neither the Panther or Cyborg were created to be driven by any species of wild panther or futuristic robot, though debatably a futuristic robot could possibly drive one, though we can never know, because that would only occur in the future.

In the 1990s cars and trucks stopped having all those distinct angles and the edges started to be rounder in almost a real life precursor to web two point oh. The Colt stayed in fashion and the fifth generation showcased a front wheel drive 1500 cc 8 valve SOHC caburettor engine in the base GL model, or a 1800 cc SOHC 8 valve EFI engine in the larger GLXi variant.

These days the Colt Cleartec has the most advanced features ever before seen in a Colt brochure and is still manufactured to the highest standards on the production lines of Japan. Another classic in the making.

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